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  1. A general method for the assay of deubiquitinating enzymes was described in detail using 125I-labeled ubiquitin-fused αNH-MHISPPEPESEEEEEHYC (referred to as Ub-PESTc) as a substrate. Since the tyrosine residue in...

    Authors: Jae Il Lee, Seung Kyoon Woo, Keun Il Kim, Kyung Chan Park, Sung Hee Baek, Yung Joon Yoo and Chin Ha Chung
    Citation: Biological Procedures Online 1998 1:110092
  2. Planar lipid bilayers (PLB) were prepared by the Montal-Mueller technique in a FRAP system designed to simultaneously measure conductivity across, and lateral diffusion of, the bilayer. In the first stage of t...

    Authors: H. Duclohier, O. Helluin, E. Lea, A. R. Mackie and S. Ladha
    Citation: Biological Procedures Online 1998 1:110081
  3. The chemical modification of synthetic oligonucleotides has recently been investigated to improve their pharmacological utilization. In addition to chemical alterations of the backbone and of the heterocyclic ...

    Authors: G. M. Bonora, S. Zaramella and F. M. Veronese
    Citation: Biological Procedures Online 1998 1:110059
  4. Amplification of DNA from soil is often inhibited by co-purified contaminants. A rapid, inexpensive, large-scale DNA extraction method involving minimal purification has been developed that is applicable to va...

    Authors: C. Yeates, M. R. Gillings, A. D. Davison, N. Altavilla and D. A. Veal
    Citation: Biological Procedures Online 1998 1:110040
  5. The intestinal absorption of analgesic peptides (leucine enkephalin and kyotorphin) and modified peptides in rat were studied. Although these peptides were not absorbed, the absorbability (absorption clearance...

    Authors: Takashi Mizuma and Shoji Awazu
    Citation: Biological Procedures Online 1998 1:110032

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