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Organotypic cocultures as skin equivalents: A complex and sophisticated in vitro system

  • Hans-Jürgen Stark1,
  • Axel Szabowski2,
  • Norbert E. Fusenig1 and
  • Nicole Maas-Szabowski1Email author
Biological Procedures Online6:610055

Received: 23 January 2004

Accepted: 3 March 2004


To assess the role of genes required for skin organogenesis, tissue regeneration and homeostasis, we have established in vitro skin equivalents composed of primary cells or cell lines, respectively. In these organotypic cocultures keratinocytes generate a normal epidermis irrespective of the species and tissue origin of fibroblasts. The combination of cells derived from mouse and human tissues facilitates the identification of the origin of compounds involved in epidermal tissue reconstitution and thus the precise analysis of growth regulatory mechanisms.

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CoculturesKeratinocytesTissue engineering