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Shotgun phage display — Selection for bacterial receptins or other exported proteins

  • Karin Jacobsson1Email author,
  • Anna Rosander1,
  • Joakim Bjerketorp1 and
  • Lars Frykberg1
Biological Procedures Online5:123

Received: 11 February 2003

Accepted: 8 April 2003


Shotgun phage display cloning involves construction of libraries from randomly fragmented bacterial chromosomal DNA, cloned genes, or eukaryotic cDNAs, into a phagemid vector. The library obtained consists of phages expressing polypeptides corresponding to all genes encoded by the organism, or overlapping peptides derived from the cloned gene. From such a library, polypeptides with affinity for another molecule can be isolated by affinity selection, panning. The technique can be used to identify bacterial receptins and identification of their minimal binding domain, and but also to identify epitopes recognised by antibodies. In addition, after modification of the phagemid vector, the technique has also been used to identify bacterial extracytoplasmic proteins.

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