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An application of molecular genotyping in mice

  • Lara A. Underkoffler1Email author,
  • Joelle N. Collins1,
  • Jonathan D. Choi2 and
  • Rebecca J. Oakey2
Biological Procedures Online5:116

Received: 19 March 2003

Accepted: 4 April 2003


Microsatellite markers are simple sequence repeats within the mammalian genome that can be used for identifying disease loci, mapping genes of interest as well as studying segregation patterns related to meiotic nondisjunction. Different strains of mice have variable CA repeat lengths and PCR based methods can be used to identify them, thus allowing for specific genotypes to be assigned. Molecular genotyping offers such identification at any developmental stage, which allows for a broad range of anomalies to be studied. We studied chromosomal segregation in relation to nondisjunction in earlygestation mouse embryos using molecular genotyping. Information on the parental origin as well as the number of chromosomes a given progeny carried was obtained in our analysis.

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GenotypingNondisjunctionSimple Sequence Repeat Polymorphism