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Biological Procedures Online

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The method of contact angle measurements and estimation of work of adhesion in bioleaching of metals

  • Aleksandra Skłodowska1Email author,
  • Marek Woźniak1 and
  • Renata Matlakowska1
Biological Procedures Online1:13114


In this paper, we present our method for the measurement of contact angles on the surface of minerals during the bioleaching process because the standard deviation obtained in our measurements achieved unexpectedly low error. Construction of a goniometer connected with a specially prepared computer program allowed us to repeat measurements several times over a short time course, yielding excellent results.

After defining points on the outline of the image of a drop and its baseline as well of the first approximation of the outline of the drop, an iterative process is initiated that is aimed at fitting the model of the drop and baseline. In turn, after defining the medium for which measurements were made, the work of adhesion is determined according to Young-Dupré equation. Calculations were made with the use of two methods named the L-M and L-Q methods.


Contact AnglePyriteContact Angle MeasurementCopper SulphideBiological Procedure