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Methods for direct determination of mitomycin C in aqueous solutions and in urine


Stripping voltammetry (SV) is used to quantitatively determine concentrations of the anti-neoplastic drug mitomycin C (MMC) alone and in mixtures with 5-fluorouracil and cisplatin, both of which are used in combined chemotherapy withMMC. If the accumulation is performed at the potentials of MMC reduction (−0.35Vvs. SCE), reduced MMC is strongly adsorbed at the electrode. It is possible to prepare a MMCmodified electrode, which, after a washing step, is transferred to the background electrolyte to determine MMC by voltammetry. This procedure, which is termed transfer stripping voltammetry (TSV), helps to eliminate interferences and can be applied for a direct determination ofMMCalone or in mixtures with other drugs in urine.


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