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Biological Procedures Online

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A guideline for analyzing circadian wheel-running behavior in rodents under different lighting conditions

  • Corinne Jud1,
  • Isabelle Schmutz1,
  • Gabriele Hampp1,
  • Henrik Oster2 and
  • Urs Albrecht1Email author
Biological Procedures Online7:710101

Received: 25 April 2005

Accepted: 20 June 2005


Most behavioral experiments within circadian research are based on the analysis of locomotor activity. This paper introduces scientists to chronobiology by explaining the basic terminology used within the field. Furthermore, it aims to assist in designing, carrying out, and evaluating wheel-running experiments with rodents, particularly mice. Since light is an easily applicable stimulus that provokes strong effects on clock phase, the paper focuses on the application of different lighting conditions.

Indexing terms

Photoperiod, ChronobiologyCircadian RhythmMice