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Rapid cryopreservation of five mammalian and one mosquito cell line at −80°C while attached to flasks in a serum free cryopreservative

Biological Procedures Online7:710026

Received: 3 January 2005

Accepted: 17 February 2005


Cell culturing, and the requisite storage of cell lines at ultra-low temperatures, is used in most laboratories studying or using eukaryotic proteomics, genomics, microarray, and RNA technologies. In this study we have observed that A72(dog), CRFK(cat), NB324K(human), MCF7(human), WI38(human), and C636(mosquito) cells were effectively cryopreserved at −80°C while attached to the substratum of 25cm2 tissue culture flasks. This was accomplished using a serum free crypreservative recently developed by Corsini and co-workers. The technique allows for significant savings of time and money in laboratories that rapidly process numerous cell lines.

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CryopreservationCulture Media, Serum-FreeCells, Cultured