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Table 6 Clinical Characteristics of SARS-CoV-2-Infected Patients Who Received Convalescent Plasma

From: Potential Drugs and Remedies for the Treatment of COVID-19: a Critical Review

1 2 3 4 5
Sex Male Male Female Female Male
Age, y 70s 60s 50s 30s 60s
Weight, kg 55 85 60 41.5 87
Smoking No No No No No
Blood type B B B A B
Coexisting chronic disease None Hypertension; mitral Insufficiency None None None
Disease presentation and course
 Estimated incubation period, da 1 7 3 7 15
 Interval between symptom onset and admission, d 2 4 2 2 3
 Interval between admission and plasma transfusion, d 22 10 20 19 20
 Complications prior to plasma transfusion Bacterial pneumonia; Severe ARDS; MODS Bacterial pneumonia; Fungal pneumonia; severe ARDS; myocardial damage severe ARDS severe ARDS severe ARDS
 Most severe disease classification Critical Critical Critical Critical Critical
 Steroids Methylprednisolone Methylprednisolone Methylprednisolone Methylprednisolone Methylprednisolone
 Antivirals Lopinavir/ritonavir; Interferon alfa-1b; favipiravir Lopinavir/ritonavir; Arbidol; darunavir Lopinavir/ritonavir; Interferon alfa-1b Interferon alfa-1b; favipiravir Lopinavir/ritonavir; Interferon alfa-1b