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Table 2 Competition assay of different drugs with N,N'-ethylene-bis(iodoacetamide) on HT-29, M21, and MCF-7 and their effects on the inhibition of the bisthioalkylation of Cys-239 and Cys-354 of β-tubulin by N,N'-ethylene-bis(iodoacetamide) using SDS 65%

From: Quick and Simple Detection Technique to Assess the Binding of Antimicrotubule Agents to the Colchicine-Binding Site

Compound Drug treatment Competition assay Inhibition of EBI binding to β-tubulin
  (µM) HT-29 M21 MCF-7  
Dimethylsulfoxide 0.5% N/A
EBI 100 N/A
Colchicine + EBI 2.5 Yes
Combretastatin A-4 + EBI 2.5 Yes
Podophyllotoxin + EBI 20 Yes
Daunorubicin + EBI 50 No
  1. N/A not applicable