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Ribosome formation from subunits studied by stopped-flow and rayleigh light scattering

  • Ayman Antoun1,
  • Michael Y. Pavlov1,
  • Tanel Tenson2 and
  • Måns Ehrenberg1Email author
Biological Procedures Online6:610035

Received: 9 February 2004

Accepted: 29 February 2004


Light scattering and standard stopped-flow techniques were used to monitor rapid association of ribosomal subunits during initiation of eubacterial protein synthesis. The effects of the initiation factors IF1, IF2, IF3 and buffer conditions on subunit association were studied along with the role of GTP in this process. The part of light scattering theory that is essential for kinetic measurements is highlighted in the main text and a more general treatment of Rayleigh scattering from macromolecules is given in an appendix.

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RibosomesProkaryotic Initiation Factor-2Scattering, Radiation