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Biological Procedures Online

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Aequorin-based measurements of intracellular Ca2+-signatures in plant cells

Biological Procedures Online4:41105

Received: 21 September 2002

Accepted: 21 November 2002


Due to the involvement of calcium as a main second messenger in the plant signaling pathway, increasing interest has been focused on the calcium signatures supposed to be involved in the patterning of the specific response associated to a given stimulus. In order to follow these signatures we described here the practical approach to use the non-invasive method based on the aequorin technology. Besides reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of this method we report on results showing the usefulness of aequorin to study the calcium response to biotic (elicitors) and abiotic stimuli (osmotic shocks) in various compartments of plant cells such as cytosol and nucleus.

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