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A sensitive quantification of HHV-6B by real-time PCR


Human herpesvirus (HHV)-6B is a pathogen causing latent infection in virtually all humans. Nevertheless, the interaction of HHV-6B with its host cells is poorly understood. Although HHV-6B is approximately 90% homologous to HHV-6A, it expresses certain B-specific genes. In order to quantify the amount of expressed viral mRNA we have developed a method using real-time PCR on a LightCycler instrument. Here we describe an assay for the detection of the HHV-6B B6 mRNA, but our approach can easily be extended to involve other mRNAs. This method is useful during the study of HHV-6B biology and offers reliable and reproducible, quantitative detection of viral mRNA below the attomol range.


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Published: December 9, 2002

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