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Methods for the study of ionic currents and Ca2+-signals in isolated colonic crypts

Biological Procedures Online3:31070

Received: 8 February 2002

Accepted: 22 March 2002


Isolated epithelial cells from intestinal mucosae are a suitable object for the study of the regulation of ion transport in the gut. This regulation possesses a great importance for human and veterinary medicine, as diarrheal diseases, which often are caused by an inadequate activation of intestinal anion secretion, are one of the major lethal diseases of children or young animals. The aim of this paper is to describe a method for the isolation of intact colonic crypts, e.g. for the subsequent investigation of the regulation of anion secretion by the intracellular second messenger, Ca2+ using electrophysiological and imaging techniques.

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ElectrophysiologyEpithelial CellsIon channelsPatch clamp