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Table 2 DNA yields of pVMG, pVO155 and pUC19 grown in medium LB

From: Use of Plasmid pVMG to Make Transcriptional ß-Glucuronidase Reporter Gene Fusions in the Rhizobium Genome for Monitoring the Expression of Rhizobial Genes In Vivo

Plasmid Average yield n = exp. (Μg)
pUC19 18 ± 3 (n = 5)
pVMG 16 ± 2 (n = 75)
pVO155 16 ± 2 (n = 17)
  1. QIAprep Spin Miniprep Kit was used to purify DNA from 1.5 ml LB overnight cultures of DH5a containing pUC19, or pVMG or pVO155. Elution was performed according to the standard protocol (50 μl Buffer EB and 1 min incubation). Use of the recommended LB composition (with 10 g/liter NaCl) and Nm resistance provides optimal plasmid yield. Time spent was < 15 min. Costs per μg DNA was 7 cents.