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Table 1 Mono- and bi-specific anti-HER3 Abs under clinical studies in cancer patients

From: Development of Effective Therapeutics Targeting HER3 for Cancer Treatment

Abs Target Most advanced clinical phase identifier Current Results on Sponsor
U3–1287/Patritumab HER3 Phase III NCT02134015 Terminated
(Pre-defined criteria
Not reached)
Daiichi Sankyo
MM-121/Seribantumab HER3 Phase II NCT00994123 MM-121+ erlotinib
ineffective to prolong
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
RG7116/Lumretuzumab HER3 Phase I NCT01482377 No results posted Roche
LJM716/Elgemtumab HER3 Phase I/II NCT01822613 No results posted Novartis
U3–1402 HER3 Phase I/II NCT02980341 Ongoing Daiichi Sankyo
AV-203 HER3 Phase I NCT01603979 No results posted Aveo Oncologyo
KTN3379/CDX-3379 HER3 Phase I NCT02014909 No results posted Celldex Therapeutics
GSK2849330 HER3 Phase I NCT01966445 Results submitted,
But not posted
Bispecific Abs:
MM-111 HER2/HER3 Phase II NCT01774851 Terminated
(Lack of efficacy)
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
MCLA-128 HER2/HER3 Phase II NCT03321981 Ongoing Merus NV
MM-141/Istiratumab HER3/IGF-1R Phase II NCT02399137 No results posted Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
MEHD7945A/Duligotumab HER3/EGFR Phase II NCT01652482 No results posted Genentech