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Fig. 5

From: A simple and reliable protocol for long-term culture of murine bone marrow stromal (mesenchymal) stem cells that retained their in vitro and in vivo stemness in long-term culture

Fig. 5

Maintained in vivo stemness of BMSCs-FS at high PDL. In vivo ectopic bone formation by implanted BMSCs-FS (70 PDL, p25) and ST2 cells. Cells were mixed with HA/TCP powder and implanted subcutaneously in immune-deficient mice for 2 months (n = 6 implants for each cell line). Histological sections of implants were stained with H&E. Representative images of H&E sections show the in vivo capacity of 3 independent BMSCs-FS to form in vivo ectopic bone and bone marrow stroma containing adipocytes and fibroblasts. B = Bone, A = Adipocyte, HA = Hydroxyapatite. Scale bars indicate 100 μm

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