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Table 2 PCR primers used to synthesize CEA and SARS peptides.

From: Enhancement of anti-murine colon cancer immunity by fusion of a SARS fragment to a low-immunogenic carcinoembryonic antigen

H2-Kd nonamer Amino acid Score References
CEA SA PPHRWCI 16 NCBI accession No. Z21218
SARS WY VWLGFIA 21 NCBI accession No. AB263618
Listeria LLO 91-99 GY KDGNEYI 24 Nakamura et al., 2003
Listeria p60 217-225 KY GVSVQDI 27 Bouwer et al., 1996
EGFP 200-208 HY LSTQSAL 27 Gambotto et al., 2001
  1. Predicted by the SYFPEITHI algorithm.