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Table 4 Estimated procedure and training time

From: A Method for Serial Tissue Processing and Parallel Analysis of Aberrant Crypt Morphology, Mucin Depletion, and Beta-Catenin Staining in an Experimental Model of Colon Carcinogenesis

Phase Procedure Procedure time (min)a Training time (min)b
Necropsy Colon excision and cleaning 1 10
  Whole mount preparation 2 20
ACF identification and analysis Methylene blue stainingc 4 8
  Image acquisition 8 24
  Circumscribing ACF 15 60
  ACF image extraction 1 5
  Methylene blue image analysis 15 60
MDF identification and analysis HID-AB stainingc 5 10
  Image acquisition 8 0
  Image layer alignment 1 10
  MDF image extraction 1 0
  HID-AB image analysis 10 30
Total time   71 237
  1. aProcedural time required per slide, three slides per animal comprising the ascending, transverse, and descending colon
  2. bRecommended one-time training. Does not require an advanced level degree or certification
  3. cRepresents hands on time of multiple slides stained in batch rather than stained individually