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Table 2 Characteristics of the MRED restriction enzymes used for RARB2

From: A Modified Protocol for Bisulfite Genomic Sequencing of Difficult Samples

RE Site No. of non-CpG-C within RE siteA No. of sites within sequenceB A*B
AluI AGC T 1 3 3
AvaI CC CG GG 2 1 2
DdeI C TNAG 1 1 1
HhaI GCG C 1 3 3
HpaII C CG G 1 3 3
Total     12
  1. CpGs are underlined. Bisulfite-convertible cytosines are in boldface. Please note that these cytosines are thymidines in the PCR-amplified product representing bisulfite converted DNA and are therefore not recognized by the RE in question