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Table 5 Standards for hydrodynamic analysis

From: Size and Shape of Protein Molecules at the Nanometer Level Determined by Sedimentation, Gel Filtration, and Electron Microscopy

Protein M raa seq S 20,w S max/S R s(nm) Source M rS-M
Ribonuclease A beef pancreas 14,044 2.0a 1.05a 1.64 HBC 13,791
Chymotrypsinogen A beef pancreas 25,665 2.6 1.21 2.09 HBC 22,849
Ovalbumin hen egg 42,910s 3.5 1.27 3.05 HBC 44,888
Albumin beef serum 69,322 4.6a 1.33 3.55 S-M, HBC 68,667
Aldolase rabbit muscle 157,368 7.3 1.45 4.81 HBC 147,650
Catalase beef liver 239,656 11.3 1.21 5.2 S-M 247,085
Apo-ferritin horse spleen 489,324 17.6 1.28 6.1 HBC 451,449
Thyroglobulin bovine 606,444 19 1.37 8.5 HBC 679,107
Fibrinogen, human 387,344 7.9 2.44 10.7 S-M 355,449
  1. Gel filtration calibration kits, containing globular proteins of known molecular weight and R s, are commercially available (GE Healthcare, Sigma-Aldrich). These same proteins can be used for sedimentation standards. The proteins in these kits are included in the table along with some others that we have found useful. The values for M r given in the first column are from amino acid sequence data. Values for S 20,w and R s are from the Siegel–Monte paper (indicated S-M under source), or the CRC Handbook of Biochemistry [3] (indicated HBC). They agree with the values listed for R s in the GE Healthcare gel filtration calibration kit, with the exception of ferritin. The "M r calc" in the last column was obtained by our simplification of the Siegel–Monte calculation (M = 4,205 S R s). Note that the worst disagreement with "M r aa seq" is about 10%
  2. a S for ribonuclease A is questionable because of the low S max/S (1.05). S values for bovine serum albumin vary in the literature from 4.3 to 4.9. Many sources use 4.3, but we find that 4.6 gives a better fit with other standards (note that the standard curve in Figure 5 used 4.3, but 4.6 would have placed it closer to the line)